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The CBC Form

The CBC Form is where we document the CBC to provide a brief description/definition, limited attribution, related events, subject areas, synonyms, etc. The form is useful for discussions of whether a concept is really a CBC, if it is a synonym, or if it needs to be more specific. As such, the form helps to solidify the group's understanding their own processes and CBCs while also keeping them involved in the ELM process.

The following can be found on the CBC Form:

  1. CBC Name- The recognizable and identifiable name of the CBC as stated by the business representatives.

  2. CBC Definition- A brief definition with just enough detail to understand the meaning of the CBC. 

  3. Main Context Attributes- The first couple of context attributes that come to mind to describe the CBC.

  4. Subject Area- Areas in the organization where the CBC is used and can be found.

  5. Identifier – How someone can identify the CBC. This is more terminology than technical construct. It may consist of multiple attributes that are substitutes or concepts that need to be combined to create a unique identifier. 

  6. Reference to Workshop/Model Requirement- It is good to note the document where the CBC is named/defined. 

  7. Related CBCs- Which CBCs are related to the CBC being discussed. For example, the CBC of store can be related to region, employee, and branch. 

  8. Related events- What events are related to the CBC. For example, the CBC of store can be related to the events of sale and delivery.

  9. Could Be- A sub classification where lower, more specific, levels of CBC can be listed. 

  10. Synonyms- Other names for the CBC with the same meaning. 

  11. Higher Level Concepts- Indicates the CBC is part of a grouping (e.g. customer is a part of customer class). 

  12. Context Attribution- All the attributes and context that  describe the CBC.

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