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The CBC List

The CBC List is used to list all the core business concepts mentioned during the ELM workshops or during business interviews. During these sessions, business representatives will be asked about their business process, daily work responsibilities, and their role and activities. The named core business concepts, basically all verbs and nouns mentioned in the workshops and interviews, are the events, persons, places and things that are important for the business.

cbc list.png

Since we do not adjust the wording used by the business, the CBC List will record all the verbs and nouns used on the left side of the CBC List. Even if it seems like they are obvious synonyms (like Customer, Client, Kund) or groupings (Product, Coffee, Book). This is an important stage in the process because we do not want to miss any of the words used by the business. It must reflects their own words so it remains recognizable by the business.

filled cbc list.png

The next step on the CBC List is to mark each of the concepts into the correct category:

  • Event- These are typically the verbs and their associated nouns (like "sale" is a noun related to the verb "sell"). Event indicates something is happening in the business process.

  • Person- This could be any person or organization involved in the business process. It could be the originator, receiver, responsible party, etc. 

  • Place- Any location or property involved in the business process. It can also be a virtual location like a website.

  • Thing- An object, often something physical, which is involved in the business process.

  • Other Concept- Represents other concepts mentioned by the business (e.g. comment or Sale Line Item). These are important ideas that do not fit in the other categories.

The goal of identifying and categorizing each core business concept is to make sure we have a complete overview of the business we are mapping. It also serves to facilitate the creation of the CBC canvas.

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